DVD CD Burner Console 1.0

Burn data DVDs / CDs from the command line.

The DVD CD Burner Console is console program that can burn files and directories to DVDs and CDs media using the command line. This console program can get the drives list, open and close the door of the drive and add the files and the directories in one command line in the Windows console.
DVD CD Burner Console 1.0 Help
* DVDCDBurnerConsole - Burn files and directories to DVDs and CDs from the command line.*

DVDCDBurnerConsole Command=Burn Source='File/Directory' DriveIndex='' [Label='Label Name'] 
[CloseMedia=False] [Eject=False] [Verification=No] [Await=True|False] [UserName=''] [UserKey='']
  Description: Burn an Audio CD from the command line.

    'Command'       -   The command to operate. Default is Convert. See below all the 
                        available commands.
    'SourceFiles='  -   The file and the directory to burn splitted by '|'.
    'DriveIndex='   -   The drive index to burn the files.
    'Label='        -   The label name of the media.
    'CloseMedia='   -   Close the media when finish.
    'Eject='        -   Open the drive door when finish.
    'Verification=' -   Verification mode, this can be No, Quick or Full.
    'Await='        -   Wait for a key when the operation has done.
    'UserName'      -   The user name.
    'UserKey'       -   The user key.

  Example: This example will burn the source files and a directory to a DVD media under the 
            DriveIndex 0.
    ./DVDCDBurnerConsole SourceFiles="sourcefile1 | sourcefile2" DriveIndex="0" Await=False

DVDCDBurnerConsole Command='GetDrives' [Await=True|False]

  Description: Get the installed CD drives on the local machine.

DVDCDBurnerConsole Command='GetMediaType' [DriveIndex=0] [Await=True|False]

  Description: Get the supported media type.

DVDCDBurnerConsole Command='GetMediaSize' [DriveIndex=0] [Await=True|False]

  Description: Get the media size.

DVDCDBurnerConsole Command='GetCapability' [DriveIndex=0] [Await=True|False]

  Description: Get the capability.

DVDCDBurnerConsole Command='EjectCD' [DriveIndex=0] [Await=True|False]

  Description: Open the CD drive in the DriveIndex.

DVDCDBurnerConsole Command='CloseCD' [DriveIndex=0] [Await=True|False]

  Description: Close the CD drive in the DriveIndex.
DVDCDBurnerConsole Command='Help' [Await=True|False]

  Description: Display this help.
Get it
Use it
  1. Download the DVD CD Burner Console to your machine.
  2. Extruct the compressed file (with 7-zip).
  3. Open the dvd-cd-burner-console directory.
  4. Open the dvd-cd-burner-console directory -> run the console.
The price is one time fee for the current major version and includes an online support.
Developer? The source code (C#) and the commercial licenses to use components of the DVD CD Burner Console 1.0 are also available. You can change, add features, compile and do what ever you want with the source code of the program according to the MS-PL license.