Microncode Audio CD Ripper 1.0

Free Audio CD Ripper for Windows Desktop.

Get your Microncode Audio CD Ripper for free!
For personal or home usage, for commercial or any other usage please buy a license.
The source code and components of Microncode Audio CD Ripper are also available.
The Microncode Audio CD Ripper is an app for Windows desktop that allows you to convert Audio CD tracks to many types of audio files. You can convert the Audio CD tracks to AAC, APE, MP2, MP3, Vorbis OGG, ACM WAV, PCM WAV and WMA audio files formats - fast and easily.
Deep Decoder
You can set the bitrate, the sample rate, the bit depth and the channels (mono and stereo) of the destination audio format.
The built in FreeDB service of the program allows you to get all the information about the Audio CD, you can get that tracks names, the album name, the artist, the year of the creation of the Audio CD and much more.
The Audio CD Player allows you to play the tracks of the Audio CD from inside the program with an audio visualization.
The graphic user interface of the program designed to be easy-to-use. You can set the general look of the program, such as the the background color, the title color and the text color - All with a few mouse clicks.
Totally FREE for personal usage
The program is available for FREE for personal or home usage. For commercial or any other kind of usage (in your work, your office, your business etc..) please buy a license. Registered users can have an online support + disabling the nag screen. The price is one time fee of 29$ USD.
The price is one time fee for the current major version and includes an online support.
Developer? The source code (C#) and the commercial licenses to use components of the Microncode Audio CD Ripper 1.0 are also available. You can change, add features, compile, distribute and do whatever you want with the source code of the program according to the MS-PL license.

Get the source code with the licenses to use the components of the Microncode Audio CD Ripper 1.0.