CSAudioVisualization 1.0

Display the audio buffers of the selected audio device on an audio graph.

The CSAudioVisualization is a .NET component that can display the visualization of any input audio device using C# and VB .NET.
  • A Dot NET component.
  • Display the visualization any source device.
  • Set the color base.
  • Set the color max.
  • Set the interval.
  • Set the number of bars to display.
  • Set the spacing between the bars.
  • Many relevant events.
  • Built in threads handling.
  • Safe exit.
  • Can be run as a library.
  • Easy to use.
  • C# / VB .NET well documented examples.
  • Cut your developing time up to 80%.
  • Just drop the component controls in your form and start to work immediately.
  • The source code of this component is also available.
  • Licensed under the MS-PL.
  • Can be used in commercial products.
Display audio visualization using C#
//Set the mode
audioVisualization1.Mode = CSAudioVisualization.Mode.WasapiLoopbackCapture;

//Set the device index
audioVisualization1.DeviceIndex = cboAudioSource.SelectedIndex;

//Set the quality
audioVisualization1.HighQuality = true;

//Set the interval
audioVisualization1.Interval = 40;

//Set the background color
audioVisualization1.BackColor = Color.Black;

//Set the base color
audioVisualization1.ColorBase = Color.Green;

//Set the max color
audioVisualization1.ColorMax = Color.Red;

Get it
Use it
Download the CSAudioVisualization to your machine -> Extruct the compressed file (with 7-zip) -> Open the Examples folder -> Open the Example project file with Visual Studio.
The price is one time fee for the current major version and includes an online support.
The source code (C#) of the CSAudioVisualization is also available under the MS-PL license.