CSID3Tags 1.0

.NET component to edit the ID3 tags of many types of audio and video files.

The CSID3Tags is a .NET component for C# VB .NET developers that can set, edit and delete the ID3 Tags of many types of audio and video files.
  • A Dot NET component.
  • Set any ID3 tag of the destination file.
  • Set the title, album, track#, comment, artist etc.
  • Set the ID3 image of the destination file.
  • Clear all tags.
  • Get a general information about the file.
  • Many relevant events.
  • Built in threads handling.
  • Safe exit.
  • Can be run as a library.
  • Easy to use.
  • C# / VB .NET well documented examples.
  • Cut your developing time up to 80%.
  • Just drop the component controls in your form and start to work immediately.
  • The source code of this component is also available.
  • Licensed under the MS-PL.
  • Can be used in commercial products.
Set the ID3 tags of the media file using C#
//Init the component
iD3Tags1.UserName = "Your email";
iD3Tags1.UserKey = "Your registration key";

//Open the media file:

//Set the title:
iD3Tags1.TagTitle = txtTagTitle.Text;

//Set the album name:
iD3Tags1.TagAlbum = txtTagAlbum.Text;

//Set the comment:
iD3Tags1.TagComment = txtTagComment.Text;

//Set the copyright:
iD3Tags1.TagCopyright = txtTagCopyright.Text;

//Set the lyrics:
iD3Tags1.TagLyrics = txtTagLyrics.Text;

//Set the rating tag:
float floatrating;
if (!float.TryParse(cboTagRating.Text, out floatrating))
    floatrating = 0;
iD3Tags1.RatingStars = floatrating;

//Set the year:
iD3Tags1.TagYear = txtTagYear.Text;

Get it
Use it
Download the CSID3Tags to your machine -> Extruct the compressed file (with 7-zip) -> Open the Examples folder -> Open the Example project file with Visual Studio.
Online help
The price is one time fee for the current major version and includes an online support.
The source code (C#) of the CSID3Tags is also available under the MS-PL license.