Quality multimedia solutions for end users and for developers. The microncode is a website which provide software solutions for end users and for developers under windows OS.

Desktop Apps

Our goal is to provide a quality software solutions for the desktop environment of Windows OSs that allows to the end users to operate the requests fast and easily.

Console Programs

Most of our solutions can run using the command line. This gives the advanced users tools and solutions to operate the requests using the command line or in the batch files in the Windows desktop or in the cloud / web servers such as the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Developers Components &Libraries

All the components and the libraries which served us to develop all of our products are also available to be used by external developers.

Source Code

The source code of all of our products are also available under the MS-PL license. You can can compile and use them for personal, learning or commercial purposes.


For any kind of support or a request, feel free to email us to support@microncode.com